Greensand Festival

The first Greensand Festival will take place from 26th May to 3rd June 2018.

We will be hosting a 9-day Festival, from 26th May to 3rd June, which will be a celebration of everything that people love about Greensand Country.  There will be events, activities, talks, exhibitions, competitions, and much more running throughout the Greensand Country during the Festival.  Local businesses, charities, clubs, societies and individuals are being invited to help us make this a most memorable event.  We currently have a host of project partners ranging from the RSPB and Wildlife Trust to Shuttleworth and Woburn who will be running and hosting events during the Festival (and beyond).

Local businesses and groups in Greensand Country could benefit hugely from the promotional activities of our Festival and by being part of the Greensand Destination Brand. There are opportunities to run events, which we will promote and advertise for you as a part of the Greensand Festival. There are sponsorship opportunities or you may be able to provide a venue for an exhibition or offer customer discounts during the Festival for attendees.  Even if you can’t take part in the Festival itself you could help by displaying and distributing our Festival booklet and program of events.

If you would like to host an event as part of the Greensand Festival, or help out with festival organisation then please email

Greensand Country Festival Events


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