The heritage of Greensand Country is still visible in its buildings and its landscape. You can see the Greensand itself in the green church at Husbourne Crawley, as well as sandstone walls and structures right across the area. The distinctive estate villages at Woburn and Shuttleworth show off the taste of their individual landowners in the 18th and 19th century. Look closely and you’ll find the remains of Norman castles, Roman settlements and Iron Age hill forts. Self-guided walks like the Two Moors Heritage trail around Flitwick, Flitton and Ruxox are a perfect way to explore two thousand years of Greensand history in an easy afternoon’s walk.

Grand houses are still a feature of the Greensand Country. Woburn Abbey and the ruin of Houghton House are open to the public. In many places sweeping, landscaped parklands survive even though the manor houses are closed or demolished, including Ampthill Great Park where Katherine of Aragon lived for many years, and the work of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership will create new walking trails round some of the smaller parklands as well.

Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre is a hidden gem based at Ridgmont Railway Station on the Marston Vale rail line. The station building is built in the distinctive Victorian Gothic ‘Cottage Orné’  style, and the restoration has won a number of awards.

Greensand Country has a literary heritage too, inspiration for the works of John Bunyan and John Clare.

The Bedfordshire Local History Association and the local heritage societies are the perfect place to start exploring the heritage of Greensand Country. If you would like to research the history or restore the built heritage of your local are then the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership may be able to help with advice and grant funding.

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