Grants and Funding

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership has grants of between £500 to £15,000 to help communities and landowners improve the natural and community heritage of the Greensand Country. We can cover up to 70% of your project’s total cost.

Our first round of funding is for landscape and wildlife. We will launch the funding for our community heritage projects later in the year. (If you would like more information about our Community Heritage projects then please email us now, we ‘ll be happy to chat about your project and can contact you as soon as the second round of funding is available.)

Potential landscape and wildlife projects could include

  • Small woodland/hedgerow planting
  • Creating wildflower meadows
  • Creating nature corridors
  • Restoring heathland or acid grassland
  • Improving existing areas of habitat, for example by introducing conservation grazing

To be eligible for a Greensand Country Landscape Partnership grant your project must

  • Be in the Greensand Country area or have a direct impact on the area (for example- create a nature corridor between your site and the project area)
  • Focus on our most important habitats- heathland, woodland or grassland
  • Involve members of the local community as a significant part of the project
  • Leave a legacy within the landscape
  • Use all Greensand Country Landscape Partnership funding by December 2020

To Apply for Funding

Please email us in no more than 500 words describing your project, the habitats it will cover, how it will involve the local community, what other funding or resources will be involved, and how much funding you would like to apply for.

You can contact us any time between now and July 2019 to ask for funding. To be eligible for our first round of grants please email by 5pm Friday 14th July 2017

 If we think we may be able to help fund your project, we will reply by Monday 31st July with details of how to make a full application.

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership will be on hand to support your project throughout the process, from application to delivery.

For an informal chat, or if you have any questions about our grants please contact Eloise, our Conservation & Projects Officer.

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